Sunday, December 20, 2015

          The Shadow on the Cradle

The shadow on the cradle first was life.
God's Spirit overshadowed Mary's womb,
And brought His Son into a world of strife,
And changed the pattern on the master loom.

The second shadow fell on Jesus' bed,
While in the manger silently He lay.
The shadow of the cross, all stained and red
Came to His cradle's foot and there it stay.

The shadow of the sceptre came at last.
Though yet a babe, the royal seed was sown.
God's triumph over Satan with one blast
Will end with Jesus on His Father's throne.

And of His kingdom there shall be no end:
The Savior, Sovereign Lord, and Faithful Friend.

Luke 1:31-35; 2:11
Copyright, 1979. Ken Cooper

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